Shredder May Be Future Military Scout Vehicle

September 14th, 2010 in Current Events by Frank Chadwick

Last month the Canadian firm BOG Werks presented its latest brainchild, the DTV Shredder, at a military vehicle conference in Detroit. Here is a link to an article with a video which, I have to admit, looks surprisingly cool.

The Shredder resembles a Segway in overall configuration but substitutes a track for wheels, giving the vehicle more stability and better off-road performance. It’s also been compared to a tracked skateboard. The control yoke is moveable and aids the operator in keeping his balance in tight turns and at speed. It tops out at 30 mph, with a trailer can manage a payload of 1200 pounds (including the operator), and can climb 40 degree slopes.

To me it looks as if its principal utility is off-road in areas where a conventional vehicle would either have trouble passing or would have too large a signature. Riders can keep a much lower profile than if horse-mounted or on a motorcycle, so it’s potentially a useful means of getting individual soldiers in and out of bad terrain quickly.

Check out the video. Looks like fun.

About the Author: The major landmarks in Frank's historical interests range from ancient Persia through the Crimean War, World War II, and the modern U.S. Armed Forces, with a lot of stops in between. Frank is fascinated by the unusual, the overlooked, and the surprising. He is the New York Times number one best-selling author of the Desert Shield Fact Book (1991) and he is currently writing an historical novel on Alexander's conquest of Persia – from the Persian point of view.

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4 Responses to “Shredder May Be Future Military Scout Vehicle”

  1. Mike said:

    HOLY CRAP!!! I WANT ONE! Seriously, this could also help out those of us with physical handicaps. Suddenly a whole new realm of possibilities opens up!

  2. shthar said:

    This looks like something that will lead to a lot of broken collar bones. And I don’t mean on the enemy!

  3. Sally Harris said:

    Thanks for the nice website. Did you find this on your own or from college?

  4. Sally,
    When I was in college, all “web sites” were the exclusive domain of spiders.

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