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  • Thanks ever so much. My e-mail address is Please feel free to share that with Mr Schmitz.


  • Mr. McGuire,

    I will pass your email along to Michael Schmitz and if he has any furhter information I will let you know.


  • I recently read an article that you had written entitled ”Filling stations in the Sky”. In that article you recount a story from Staff Sgt. Michael P. Schmitz about his KC-135 towing a crippled F-105 to safety. My father Richard McGuire (who is now deceased) flew KC-135s in Vietnam. He once told my son a story about his plane towing a crippled fighter jet to base. We have been trying to find out more information about the incident. Would you have contact info for Sgt. Schmitz or perhaps more details of his story (such as who was the pilot of his plane)? Any information or help you could share with us would be greatly appreciated.

    Randy McGuire

  • hello. i’m griffin. i don’t really know how this works but i was introduced to this site by my mom. i am really interested in doing historically-based artwork so go ahead and get back to me if you want so we can start talking and stuff.

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