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Our Mission

“The Best Blogging in History” is not just a catchy phrase: it defines our mission. We aim to highlight the best and brightest history bloggers on the Internet today. Our job will be to help you keep abreast of all that is great about history. Additionally, we will have a cadre of bloggers writing within our network, as a means of helping new talent to blossom. Our goal is to provide an endless pool of interesting and entertaining history blogs.

Why Read Great History?

So much of the Internet is hit or miss these days, and history-based blogging is no exception. We asked ourselves what it would take to bring readers to this site and make them want to return-what would it take to get US to read it? It has to be based in history-that’s a no brainer-but it also has to be entertaining, insightful and useful. On Great History, you’ll find top-quality writers who take history beyond names, dates and numbers. Register With Great History

Why Write for Great History?

Why should you write for Great History? To be read! We are aggregating the best and most interesting historical writers to build a critical mass of blogs that will entertain and inform a broad base of readers. Great History is a project of the Weider History Group, publisher of 11 history magazines and two existing, respected Web sites (HistoryNet.com and ArmchairGeneral.com), lending prestige and visibility to your writing. If you already have a blog, we want to help send you more readers by publishing unique articles on our site with your blog link. If you don’t have a blog and want an instant audience, we can help. You can be set up and writing in under five minutes! Register With Great History

Who Writes for Great History?
Anyone with a passion for history!

Our Featured Writers, whose work and photo appear on our main page, come to Great History with an established reputation in or or more fields of history. Their brief, informative, entertaining narratives present interesting perspectives and little-known facts that readers can absorb quickly.

Our Great History Network Writers have chosen Great History as the home for their own blogs. In their work, you’ll find in-depth articles, lengthier discussions, technical data and more.

Want to Write for Great History?

To be considered for acceptance as a Featured Writer, submit three 300-500 writing samples on the subject you want to write about. Send via email to writer2008@greathistory.com.*

*Paste your three sample articles in an email; do NOT send as attachments. Great History’s editorial staff will review and respond to submissions as quickly as possible, but the length of response time will vary depending on the number of submissions under consideration and other editorial duties. If you do not hear from us after 30 days, please send a follow-up query. ENTRIES SUBMITTED AS ATTACHMENTS OR WITH LESS THAN THREE ARTICLES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Why Join Great History?

Rather than set up shop as a just another group on Facebook or Myspace, we are creating a unique community 100% devoted to matters of history. Our community members come from all across the spectrum: book authors, magazine editors, professional bloggers, and casual writers and readers, all with a passion for history. When you join Great History you can participate in dialogue with any number of them. Join today to become part of the Best Web Community in History! Register With Great History


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What is Great History?

Great History's mission is to provide a home for the best and brightest history bloggers writing today. We also allow members to create their own personal blogs and share their writing with our community. Our goal is to bring together all the best in history!

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